Why Are High-Quality Digital Inspections So Important?

As Ft. Collin’s most trusted auto repair and service center, King’s Auto Center makes sure that providing high-quality digital inspections is our top priority. In today's digital age, customers expect transparency and the ability to see what work is being done on their vehicles, and rightfully so.

Digital vehicle inspections (DVI) empower technicians with automation tools that run on laptops, tablets, and/or mobile devices to access and store data when performing tests, measurements, and inspections. Its entirety eliminates the traditional paper-based approach that is typically known for being time-consuming and has low levels of efficiency and accuracy.

Here are some reasons why we think it is important to provide digital inspections with nearly every service and repair at our shop:


DVIs allow our clients to see exactly what issues their vehicle is experiencing. By providing HD images and videos of the problem areas, they can understand the repair process better and feel empowered to make informed decisions about the repairs they need.


Digital inspections are a step further in accuracy than manual inspections. With high-quality digital images and videos, technicians can zoom in on specific parts and identify potential problems that may have been missed during a manual inspection. This level of accuracy reduces the likelihood of callbacks or repeat repairs.


Did you know that digital inspections save time for both the technician and the customer? Technicians can quickly pinpoint the issues and perform repairs more efficiently.


Digital inspections provide our service advisors and techs with a clear and concise way to communicate with customers about their repairs. Technicians can highlight problem areas and provide detailed explanations of the repairs needed, giving customers a better understanding of the work that needs to be done. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Customer Satisfaction

Providing high-quality digital inspections can lead to increased customer satisfaction. Customers appreciate the transparency and accuracy of the digital inspection process, which can lead to a more positive overall experience and allows us to build trust with our clients.

Digital inspections have changed everything within the industry. We are able to rely on the latest technology to perform customized inspections to do a simple tire report or a full bumper-to-bumper, multipoint inspection.

If you suspect a problem with your vehicle or simply want to check on its well-being, we welcome you to King’s Auto Center in Ft. Collins for the best digital vehicle inspections around. Please give us a call or visit if you have any questions or concerns today.