I have been taking my cars to King's for years. The service has always been great. They understand not only how to fix a car correctly but also the stress a car owner is going through when the car is not working right. My VW van recently had transmission, brake and cooling issues. They took the time to investigate and diagnose each problem. They explained them to me in a way that a non auto guy could understand and then fixed the issues in a timely manner. While I am sure that there are many great repair shops in town, King's will have my business for years to come because of their attention to detail and honesty. Thank you!


These guys are the best! I drive 30 minutes out of my way to get my cars to them. I trust these guys completely. They never overcharge or try to "upsell" me on anything. Recently, I took my car in with an very unique problem. Not only did they spend the extra time and money (consulting) figuring out the problem, but they didn't charge me an extra cent for doing it! They probably could have charged me abut 10x more than they did. I know other places that would have for sure. That's why I go to these guys. I totally recommend them!


I feel they tried to overprice and take advantage of the fact I knew little about cars when I went there. They truly may have been concerned about things with my car but according to other mechanics they wanted far too much for labor and parts. The star is for their kindness, whether to be truly nice or to attempt to win in my giving them business is unknown. I would recommend shopping around at least.

We apologize for unintentionally making anyone feel taken advantage of. Our goal is always to educate the customer about their car's issues, especially if it is a safety issue. In most cases, our clients feel that our prices are very competitive. We use certified book time on all our estimates and only quality parts we can stand behind. We warranty all of our parts and labor for a minimum of 12 months. There are less expensive parts available but in most cases you get what you pay for.

- King's Auto Center